The Bute Painter

Toledo, Archivo de la Catedral, MS 56.19, f. 32: detail of bottom border, The Parable of the Wedding Feast
copyright Alison Stones

'Stylistic Associations, Evolution and Collaboration: Charting the Bute Painter's Career,' The J. Paul Getty Museum Journal,23, 1995, 11-29.

See also Medieval Illumination, Glass and Sculpture in Minnesota Collections, no. 4.

Research in Progress:
Manuscripts and Patrons of Cambrai and Tournai, 1250-1285

The Maître au menton fuyant

'A Note on the Maître au menton fuyant,' in Huldeboek Maurits Smeyers, ed. H. Cardon and D. Van Wijnsberghe, Leuven 2002, 1129-42.

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