Boulogne-sur-Mer BM 131, f. 105bis verso, detail of bottom border:
Vincent of Beauvais, Speculum historiale: Alexander the Great on his deathbed
copyright Alison Stones

'Notes on Three Illustrated Alexander Manuscripts,' in Alexander and the Medieval Romance Epic: Essays in Honour of D.J.A.Ross, ed. P.Noble, L.Polak, C.Isoz (New York/London/Nendeln:Kraus, 1982), 193-241.

'The Roman d'Alexandre in French Prose: another illustrated manuscript from Champagne or Flanders c. 1300,' (co-authored with † D.J.A. Ross, Scriptorium 56, 2002, 151-62.

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Research in Progress:
The Illustrated Alexander in Old French Verse by David J.A.Ross (edited by Maud Simon and Alison Stones)

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